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Paper Art Creations
Flat Rate shipping across Canada
Small $21.00 - size 14"x10.38"x2.18"
This option is not available for heavy items or large items ex: 12x12 paper/packs, etc.
If you are just want a die or stamp that is thin we can put it in an envelope and ship but no tracking is available for $6.00.
If  you are in doubt please call 780-980-1117


Hot Pressed Watercolour 8.5x11 Paper Pack

  • 8.5" x 11"
  • Hot Press
  • 216 gsm

This watercolour paper variety features a smooth and fine-grained surface, which is ideal for detailed work and precise techniques. The hot press texture provides a flat, even surface that allows colors to blend smoothly and provides excellent control over brushstrokes. Well-suited for illustrations, lettering, and artworks that require intricate details.

Watercolour Paper

All three varieties of Prism Studio's watercolor paper offer a weight of 216 gsm (80lb), which provides stability and durability to the paper while allowing for easy handling and mounting. Artists can choose the size and texture that best suits their artistic preferences and techniques, ensuring a reliable and enjoyable painting experience.